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Category: Soil Amendment
Coverage (sq. ft.): 8,250
SRN ( lbs. per 1,000):  0
Unit of Measure: Bag
Material Type: Granular
Weight: 50 lbs.

This fertilizer contains Cal-Star™, a homogenous combination of pelletized hi-calcium lime and 100% soluble humic, which quickly neutralizes pH in acid soils and activates numerous valuable biological and environmental responses in the plant and soil.

Benefits of Cal-Star™
• Neutralizes acidic soil leading to optimum turf growth and the reduction of conditions that favor moss, bare spots and certain weed species
• Increases nutrient availability and efficient use of applied and soil stored nutrients
• Prevents nutrients from leaching out of the soil
• Improves soil structure and promotes an environment for root growth
• Activates soil microorganisms which more efficiently breakdown organic matter
• Breaks up compacted soils (aerates the soil from the inside), allowing for enhanced water penetration and improved root growth and development
• Increases the organic matter in deficient soils

HI-CALCIUM LIMESTONE - Provides an instant supply of calcium to the soil and plant and assists with maintaining and neutralizes acidic pH levels. A deficiency in calcium results in poor root and shoots growth and a higher risk of developing moss, bare spots and certain weed species. This product has one of the highest calcium percentages of pelletized limestone on the market today.

HUMIC - Humic substances are created by the microbial degradation of biomolecules and is one of the most concentrated organic materials available. Humic is an all natural bio-stimulant that has similar benefits to hormonal products without the negative side-effects. One of its most important features is its ability to chelate positively charged ions (Mg, Ca, Fe and other “trace minerals”) a make them available to the plant. Humic acid is not a fertilizer, however, it greatly improves nutrient uptake and is an excellent complement to fertilizer, assisting the efficient use of nutrients residing and applied to the soil. Humic can help break up compacted soils when applied to clay soils (aerate the soil from the inside), allowing for enhanced water penetration and improved root growth and development. When applied to sandy soils, humic can add essential organic material assisting with water retention resulting in improved root growth and preventing the leaching out of required nutrients. The humic substance utilized in TCS CAL-STAR™ is 100% soluble.