Lesco Seed Starter 4 Mulch 40lb

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As the newest member of the Seed Starter family, Seed Starter 4 is formulated with a unique blend of paper and corn fiber. Due to its unique composition, Seed Starter 4 can be used in all types of seeding applications: hydraulic, drop and by hand.

  • Improves seed to soil contact
  • Very low dust
  • Biodegrable
  • No weed seed
  • Holds up to 40% more water than other pellet mulches
  • Enhanced germination
  • Reduces runoff
Item Hydromulch
Type Biodegradable
Container Size 40 lb.
Container Type Bag
Compositions 83% Cellulose Fiber, 15% Corn Fiber, 2% Proprietary Ingredients, <.2% Biodegradable Green Dye
Coverage Area 800 sq. ft.